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Eve Kodiak

Craniosacral Therapy, Brain Gym, Sound Healing

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Eve Kodiak, M.M., holds a license in Educational Kinesiology and degrees from Harvard University and the New England Conservatory of Music. She has combined her professional interests in music and developmental movement into a modality she calls SOUND INTELLIGENCE. She has studied CranioSacral Therapy through the Upledger Institute, Human Development at the Harvard Graduate School of Education, and Dalcroze Eurhythmics at the Longy School of Music. Exploring Sound Healing with Arden Wilken, Continuum Movement with Emily Conrad, and dream work with Robbie Bosnak, Eve Kodiak has also studied infant reflexes with Dr. Svetlana Masgutova, Carol Ann Erikson, Renata Wennekes, Dr. Harald Blomberg, and other pioneers in the field. Her book/CD set, Rappin' on the Reflexes: A Practical Guide to Infant Reflexes, choreographs infant reflex movements to songs and raps, and is being used by practitioners, teachers, and parents on five continents.

Eve frames all of her work within the form of a "Brain Gym® balance." This educational framework involves setting a goal with the client, and then achieving it through neurologically directed movement. "Movement" is a broad category, and Eve Kodiak's clients may find themselves engaged in a variety of activities from lying on the massage table receiving CranioSacral Therapy, to experiencing the vibrations of tuning forks in perfect Pythagorean fifths, to moving though infant reflex patterns, to improvising on the piano, to drawing or building with blocks, to simply talking. The path of each healing session is as individual as each person's life.

In conjunction with her one-on-one practice, Eve Kodiak presents to groups as varied as the Early Childhood Movement and Music Association, the New Hampshire Leadership Teacher's Association, and the Hope Center in Gardner, MA. Eve Kodiak also performs as a pianist, most recently in a series of concerts in the Boston area in which she both played music from the standard classical repertoire and improvised pieces based on titles given by the audience. She has also taken the role of "tour-guide" for other performers, helping the audience to have a more personal experience of the music they are about to hear. Eve Kodiak has produced a solo piano CD called Meditations for a New Year's Day, composed in the form of a labyrinth walk.

When Eve Kodiak is not at the Lydian Center, she lives on the side of a mountain in New Hampshire with her son, her husband, her cat, her dog, and an undetermined number of mice.

Visit Eve Kodiak's website at www.evekodiak.com

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