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Joy Del Giudice

Energy Kinesiology

Joy Del Giudice, CEnK2, is a Level 2 Certified Energy Kinesiologist, LEAP® Brain Integration Practitioner, and member of the Energy Kinesiology Association of America. Her professional Energy Kinesiology training has been through the Melbourne Applied Kinesiology Institute and Dr. Charles Krebs. Joy holds a specialization in LEAP/NeuroAcupressure, and is the co-developer of Somatic Emotional Acupressure (S.E.A.). She has spent more than twenty years in the study and development of cooperative healing techniques, which form a synthesis that is gentle and highly effective.

In 1992 educators suggested Joy's elder son had ADHD at a time when the only answer seemed to be medication. She began searching for explanations and non-medicinal alternatives. Was society attempting to fit a generation of children into a predetermined role, potentially damaging their creativity, vitality, and self-esteem? She began to wonder if the classroom was damaging children's neural circuitry and causing learning dysfunction, and that the learning "dysfunction" was the brainís effort to survive stressful situations. These doubts led Joy on a twenty-year quest to search for alternative solutions.

In 1994, Joy attained Masters certifications in NLP, Hypnotherapy, and Group Dynamics through Anchorpoint Institute. She was fortunate to have studied under Robert Dilts, director of NLP University, Tim Halbom, director of the NLP Institute of California, and Michael Grinder, Director of NLP in education and developer of ENVoy for classroom dynamics. She is advanced level certified in Soma Pi with Consuela Newton, HMR with Dr. Brent Baum, Matrix Energetics with Dr. Richard Bartlett, ThetaHealing with Vianna Stibal, and has taught healing techniques, intuitive skills, medical remote viewing and personal development through the University of Utah as well as privately across the country.

Joy completed a three-year Masters in Light Body training through the Four Winds Society in 1999 from Dr. Alberto Villoldo. She went on to study indigenous healing techniques from the Ojibwa, Navajo, Apache, Qero and Incan healers. In 2000 she co-chaired the Energy Conference in Pisac, Peru.

Joy is the founder of Living Joy!us LLC, for neuro-somatic rebalancing of body, mind and emotion. She divides her time between Park City, UT and Cambridge, MA. She enjoys life with her husband of 35 years and two adult sons, hiking in the beautiful Park City mountains, and watching all varieties of movies. She is a prolific writer and loves to dabble in creative, artistic projects, including painting, jewelry making and lampworking. Joy is currently a student of comparative religion and has been a non-denominational minister since 1995.

Visit Joy's website at www.livingjoyus.com

Visit Joy's blog at www.livingjoyus.blogspot.com