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NeuroAcuSync ProgramSM is a holistic health care practice that uses Energy Kinesiology together with other techniques, to synchronize the timing of neural feedback loops within the brain. This innovative melding of ancient techniques with cutting-edge scientific knowledge of neurology has produced an effective system with an unusually broad scope of application. It effectively addresses a number of learning difficulties such as ADD, Dyslexia, Dyscalculi and ADHD, as well as other health issues such as skeletal-muscular problems, allergies and hormonal imbalances.

NeuroAcuSync Program is the outcome of 25 years of work by Dr. Charles T. Krebs, in collaboration with clinical psychologists, speech pathologists, neurologists and other health professionals. Learning Enhancement Acupressure Program (LEAPSM), is the part of NeuroAcuSync Program that addresses learning difficulties.


Our health depends upon synchrony among skeletal-muscular alignment, the flow of neural signals in the brain, the release of hormones, and the interaction of the many parts of the immune system. With the recognition that these systems are all highly interactive, the new field of Psychoneuroimmunology (PNI) has developed in recent years, linking how we think and feel to how our neurological, hormonal and immune systems are functioning. Changes in the homeostasis of any of these systems are often reflected in muscle tension and structural alignment; conversely, imbalances in structural alignment can create imbalances in the neurological, immune or hormonal systems. Thus, disruption in the synchronous function in any one of these systems may lead to discomfort and pain, or to difficulty thinking and remembering, or to thyroid and/or adrenal dysfunction or other hormonal imbalances (PMS/menopause), or to sickness and disease in the case of the immune system.

How are we to detect the underlying stressors that cause this loss of synchrony? What can we do to re-synchronize these systems to return to the health and harmony of a fully functional body? NeuroAcuSync Program approaches these questions by utilizing direct muscle biofeedback to inform the practitioner of the client’s stress at many levels – the physical, emotional and mental levels, as well as within the energetic systems of the body, such as the Acupuncture meridian system. A central technique in NeuroAcuSync Program is “acupressure formatting”, which is the use of mudras from the Yogic Chakra-Nadi system and acupoints from the Chinese Acupuncture meridian system in conjunction with muscle biofeedback. When specific mudras and acupoints are held together, and an indicator muscle is monitored, this biofeedback can detect stressors in very specific areas and functions within the brain and body. Biofeedback can also identify the most appropriate acupressure technique(s) to release the underlying stressor(s), thereby resynchronizing these systems and returning the person to a healthy state of being.


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