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Homeopathy draws on both Eastern and Western healing traditions. It uses remedies made primarily from natural substances (mostly herbs, also minerals), which impart information to your body�s healing energy � called the Vital Force in homeopathy, like chi or prana in Eastern traditions. During a special dilution process, the remedy creates patterns in the water, somewhat like snowflakes (all made of H2O, no two alike). The information stored in this coherent water �teaches� your body's Vital Force how to deal with your health condition. The starting substance has been diluted so many times that it is present only as nanoparticles (very tiny particles), which makes the remedy extremely safe.

Homeopathy has many advantages over conventional medicine:

  • There are no toxic effects
  • It stimulates and strengthens the body's healing energy, instead of weakening it and lowering the immune system
  • It is especially well-suited for people who are extremely sensitive (to medications, environmental toxins, etc.)
  • It can be helpful in people with mental and emotional as well as physical symptoms
  • The remedies are inexpensive and usually only need to be taken short-term.


Begabati Lennihan, CCH and Farah Gron, CCH, RSHom(NA) offer Classical Homeopathy - especially good for conditions that are stress-related, have an emotional trauma at the onset, or have a mind-body component. Farah Gron also specializes in working with children on the autism spectrum and anyone who has suffered a health condition since a chemical or environmental toxic exposure. She is one of the few homeopaths in America certified in the CEASE protocol and has created her own modification of it to make it extra safe and gentle.

To learn how to use homeopathy for home care, we recommend Your Natural Medicine Cabinet by Begabati Lennihan, CCH. For more information about the science behind homeopathy we recommend Dr. Amy Lansky�s Impossible Cure, the story of Dr. Lansky�s son�s remarkable cure from autism with homeopathy.


Homeopathy is part of the conventional health care system in many countries around the world, including England, France, Germany, Russia, India, and much of South America. Medical doctors in these countries commonly use homeopathic medicines or refer patients to their colleagues trained at homeopathic medical schools. Two hundred years of clinical experience have demonstrated the effectiveness of homeopathic remedies.

In addition, their activity has been demonstrated by scientific studies. We still see statements in the popular press, even in medical journals, that homeopathy is unscientific and unproven. There has been extensive testing of homeopathy; unfortunately, nearly all of the studies have been conducted abroad, due to lack of funding for research in alternative medicine here in the US. The most promising type of research is called outcomes research, which indicates that for many health conditions, homeopathy provides better results, at lower cost, with fewer side effects and greater patient satisfaction, than conventional medicine. Unfortunately, most doctors in the US remain unaware of homeopathy's scientific status because it is not included in the curriculum of American medical schools.

For information on research in homeopathy: www.homeopathic.org and www.homeopathic.com.


Homeopathy is good for a wide variety of conditions in people of all ages, from newborns to the elderly, and even for pets. (The fact that it works in infants and pets tends to dispel the notion of the placebo effect!)

And it works for a wide variety of conditions, whether acute (such as colds, flu, bee stings, cuts, bruises) or chronic (arthritis, allergies, hypothyroidism). The problem may be physical or mental (such as learning disabilities in the young or loss of memory in the elderly), emotional (depression, anxiety, low self-esteem), behavioral (addictive behaviors, ODD) or energetic (hyperactivity, fatigue).

It works especially well when there is a strong mind-body component (such as in stress-related conditions like ulcerative colitis or Crohn's disease, or in women's issues like menopause). It also works well for any condition when there is a clear "Never Well Since", when the patient can say "I've never really felt the same since my mother died [or my husband left me, my business partner betrayed me, etc]."

Many times the homeopathic process helps people discover such connections between their emotions, their life-traumas, and their symptoms.

Farah Gron uses a special combination of classical homeopathy and a modified CEASE protocol which is especially helpful for children on the autism spectrum and for anyone who has suffered a health condition since a chemical or environmental toxic exposure.