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Testimonials for Begabati Lennihan:

"I found Begabati because I was looking for a homeopath to help with my daughter Mia's genetic disorder. She humbly recommended that we see a world renowned homeopathic doctor in a nearby state, as he may be better able to help us. Unfortunately or fortunately, depending on how you look at it, this doctor was a dead end and we found our way back to Begabati where we should have been all along. She has been working with us to find suitable remedies for Mia as well as helping me with my thyroid problems. Begabati has been an angel and she is truly a beautiful soul."



"I first met Begabati in 1999 for a specific medical issue that I had been living with for 16 years. I remember what I was thinking when I took the first dose of the remedy she gave me, "this is crazy" I thought. But each month, my issue got better and better until it just went away by month six. AMAZING!!! I thought, "why didn't I try homeopathy sooner!". It was then that I began my mission of spreading the word on homeopathy and more importantly on Begabati to all my family and friends. Everyone I referred Begabati to has told me how grateful they are to have her working with them. ??Since 1999, Begabati has continued to work with me through various medical issues, two pregnancies and many life changes. She now helps me support my children's health. ??Begabati is knowledgeable, trust worthy, compassionate and a God send to me and my family - she has changed my life!""

—Tina A, Cortlandt, NY


"Begabati is intelligent and wise, a great listener, super patient and a great homeopath. I have been sharing my story with Begabati for a few months now and she has helped me immensely. I know my road to whole health will be well guided with Begabati leading the way. ??I have already recommended Begabati to several of my friends and colleagues. She is a gifted healer."

—Debra M, Worcester, MA


"From Begabati I have begun to trust in the power to heal myself from within...with the help of homeopathy. Begabati's ability to "see me", understand my true self's deepest needs and then to select the precisely needed homeopathic remedy...is awe-inspiring, if not miraculous. For some, homeopathic remedies may have subtle effects. For others and for me..with Begabati's guidance...the healing qualities have been nothing less than profound. I feel blessed to have found Begabati. "

—Neil E, Boston, MA


"Begabati has been a life-saver for me. In addition to her ability to find the right remedy for my child and myself, she is a wonderful case manager. I have had success in the past with other homeopaths that were able to find the correct remedy, but in addition to finding the right remedy it is important to be available to assist clients with any questions that may occur during treatment. Begabati has created a wonderful system to allow for this type of communication with her clients. Begabati is extremely professional in handling some of the attention that is needed when dealing with changes in remedies. In addition to her professionalism and expertise, she is very patient and empathic. I highly recommend her and feel that my family is in good hands with her."

—Nancy D (Nancy works as a case manager), Arnold, MD


"Begabati has helped me with several issues, including chronic medical problems that conventional medicine could not impact or else could only offer symptom relief with potentially toxic medications. She is a great listener and very knowledgeable. The remedies she suggested have triggered self-healing that enabled me to stop using one medication, and avoid starting another. Other areas of improvement are increased ability to manage stress and improved sleep. I highly recommend her. And, I've used homeopathy numerous times over the years and have consistently found it helpful."

—Elizabeth M, Somerville, MA

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