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Testimonials for Eve Kodiak:

"Eve was an enormous help in reversing dizziness, vertigo, and cranial pressure that was affecting my ability to travel for business - and therefore my very livelihood. As an added benefit she identified the root cause of my carpal tunnel condition, and gave me some practical ways to address it."

—John O'Leary, Jamaica Plain


"Upon talking to us, instantly Eve knew that the root of my teenager's condition was not physical, but an emotional issue that needed clearing. After only one session, my daughter's problem disappeared completely! We are SO grateful!"

—S. Anderson

"We have been blessed to have Eve Kodiak become a part of our daughter Mia's care team. Since starting to see Eve we have noticed changes in Mia that are hard to explain, but as a parent you know there is good change happening. We came to Eve seeking a cranial therapist and we got so much more. Speaking from personal experience, a session with Eve is like jumping into a crystal clear lake on top of a mountain. You leave feeling refreshed, renewed, and reborn. I know that if Mia could talk (she's only 1) she'd say the same thing."

—Noah and Francesca

"As part of her treatment, if you are interested, Eve, an accomplished concert pianist, can help you recover your inner balance through musical improvisation. Improvising is different from conventional music lessons. In the beginning, atonal playing (selecting from all the black and white notes of the piano at once) is especially satisfying, as discords and new combinations of tones break old habits and suggest further possibilities. Personal musicality is improved by listening, experimenting, finding a jumping off point for the next phrase, and extending into the unknown. The main therapeutic effect of improvising derives from being caught up in the doing of it, when time flows by unheeded and variations come spontaneously, one after another, from somewhere deep inside. It is from this experience that you begin to rebuild your center. On bad days, when the magic does not happen, and you arrive for your session untracked, unmusicked and woebegone, Eve has exercises and balances to help you find your way. Over time, it is even possible to create music that is subtle, mellow, and inviting. But the chief fun of learning to improvise is being shown how to sit down at the keyboard and become totally absorbed in what you don't know you're doing."

—Lucille Wehner


"I really like going to Eve because I always feel better afterward. It is a good feeling. :)"

—Liora, 14, Lexington


"Eve's thoughtful, intuitive style and warm, personable nature put me at ease right away. I had been struggling with chronic pain for months and came to Eve with an initial sense of 'this is my last resort'. She understood my frustration and got right to work. Eve used tuning forks to help balance me (don't ask me how! She explained it, but it's still over my head!), and after only two sessions of cranio-sacral work, I'm feeling much better! The process of cranio-sacral release is both subtle and profound--it feels great! And I left each session feeling both relaxed and energized. Eve's a great addition to the team I know I can call on to maximize my health and sense of well-being."



"It was wonderful meeting you yesterday! My daughter's session with you was awesome. If what I saw was any indication of what lies ahead for her, I feel your session was the beginning of her journey back."

—L.G., mom

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