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Testimonials for Dr. Lydia Knutson:


"I've been seeing Dr. Knutson since 2003 for various injuries. I am a busy professional musician and an enthusiastic ice skater. She's an essential part of my health team for keeping me in shape. Recently I broke my right wrist. It didn't heal well and I was in pain while playing. After several chiropractic treatments, my wrist pain is significantly reduced, my range of motion much improved and I am happily playing the oboe again! Thank you!"

—Jane Harrison, oboist

"Lydia Knutson is a true healer! So many times I've walked into her office hunched over in pain and walk out upright and pain free. In addition, she has also been a huge help to my life as a trumpet player. After a number of visits my breathing capacity improved and I gained three or four notes at the top of my register - the first time in my life I ever hit a "high F" was after being in her care. Dr. Lydia is the best!"

—Dennis Alves, Trumpeter &
Director of Artistic Planning
Boston Pops

"I am thrilled to have found Dr. Knutson. I am a professional ballet dancer and acutely aware of my body as an integrated system. I first came to the Lydian Center after completely tearing my ACL. I was scheduled to have surgery in a week and wanted to connect with Dr. Knutson beforehand. Her analysis was spot-on and explained so many things I had felt for years. I've seen her regularly as a part of my rehabilitation and feel like I'm getting an entirely new instrument. Deep-seated injuries and imbalances are being corrected and my knee is healing well. I'm really looking forward to dancing again!"

—Sybil Watkins
José Mateo Dance Theater, Cambridge

"As a very busy violin teacher I am routinely exposed to the coughing and sneezing of the young children I teach. Whenever I feel the achy or feverish beginnings of an illness, I get a treatment from Dr. Knutson to boost my immune system. With her help, I always feel better within hours and avoid getting sick and missing work. She's a miracle worker!"

—Vicki Citron, violinist

"As a performer on historical flutes, I regularly play flutes of many shapes and sizes. In one rehersal, I was playing a bass renaissance flute, a large and heavy flute. Though I was playing it for a short time, I got pain in my upper back and neck that lasted, on and off, for a few months and limited my range of motion. I went to Dr. Knutson to ask for help. This was my first time going to a chiropractor. In the first visit, Dr. Knutson listened to me very carefully, examined me and asked many questions about the injury. She then took some time to think about everything, and in the next visit, explained to me what would be the course of treatment. It turned out that I had several other problems that I wasn't aware of. Dr. Knutson started treating me for these, and every visit it felt like my body was better coordinated and worked better. The treatment was very gentle but very effective. The pain in my neck and back started easing, going through a scary phase of tingling and numbness in the hand and the arm. At the end of the treatment, I had full range of motion in my neck, and no pain. Since then, I've had no problems playing the flute, including an intensive summer workshop were I was teaching for 2 weeks. Subsequently, I did have one yoga-related injury that brought back some of the symptoms, but after a few visits to Dr. Knutson, it resolved very quickly.

"I am grateful to Dr. Knutson for all that she has done for me. She really knows how to listen to a patient, and has an amazing ability to diagnose (and treat!) the deep, underlying cause of the problem, not just the symptoms. "

—Na'ama Lion, flutist


"I got an awful manipulative machine stuck in my mouth [palate expander] by the dentist. I couldn't go to sleep at night. Dr. Lydia treated me and I could sleep at night. She's gentle and a good chiropractor!"

—Espy, 11

"Dr. Lydia is very good with patients and she's a good doctor. She can treat almost anything. I need to see her when I bonk my head or something. I feel good, better after the treatment."

—Asa, 6

"After our second visit with Dr. Lydia in the beautiful Lydian Center. I asked my son Cameron, now almost 10, "How did you like working with Dr. Lydia today?" His answer, " I feel like I knew her before we even met her." The connection they made was wonderful and a huge part of what made the treatments so successful. We are thankful to have Dr. Lydia in our lives."

—Denise Carnese, a very grateful Mom

"I like Dr. Lydia. I feel like I knew her even before I met her."

—Cameron, 9

"Dr. Lydia has made a major impact on my 5 year old. My daughter was unable to skip or hop on her left leg, going down stairs was difficult and her running was slow and uneven. She was beginning to notice she was different from other children. Dr. Lydia identified a structural injury that was affecting her gross motor skills, and over the course of 4 months, guided treatment both in her own practice and by referring her to another complementary professional. The results of Dr. Lydia's treatment plan are amazing. My daughter now runs normally, can walk down the stairs without help and jumps like there is no tomorrow! I couldn't be more grateful."

—Manya, mother of Talia, 5

"I go see Dr. Lydia when one of my bones is out of place. After I leave, my bones feel better, more relaxed!"

—Lucas, 9

"Before working with Lydia, I had no idea what it felt like to have my grown body function optimally, having moved through the world lopsided, repeatedly compensating for this or that injury. After my initial treatments, I stood taller, felt so much stronger, and experienced a sense of balance that transcended the physical."

When it comes to my children, Dr. Lydia is my life saver. I have 2 very physical boys, and when they have an injury, major or sometimes minor, their bodies become unsettled and nervous, and they act increasingly out of control. A visit to Dr. Lydia puts their bodies back in line, and their nervous systems respond immediately. Anyone questioning the effect of this treatment is welcome to spend some time in my house to experience the striking transformation!

—Deb Todd-Wheeler, Chestnut Hill

"My 17 month old daughter had a severe croup. She was restless and miserable. I brought her to see Dr Lydia who gave her a gentle chiropractic treatment. The day after, the croup was gone! She made her feel so much better, look at her picture she is smiling!

I recommend to any mother that is really tired of running to the doctor every week to visit Dr. Lydia, she can make a difference."

—Sharon Kan, Lexington

"My daughter barely spoke for the first 6 years of her life, allowing her twin sister to speak for her. She suffered terrible headaches and was unable to communicate how she was feeling. The numerous doctors I took her to see concluded she must be making it up. After a few visits with Dr. Knutson she spoke more than she had in her entire life. After another round of visits her headaches disappeared completely and she blossomed. Her teacher said she was a different child. It's been five years and she hasn't stopped talking since!"

—Kim Effron, mother of Andrea, Lexington


"Dr. Lydia Knutson is an outstanding chiropractic professional! For years and years I suffered low back pain. After a series of treatments with her in 2002 my back is now the least of my worries! A few weeks ago I fell on the ice and injured my ribs. Sleeping was difficult and breathing was painful. After four treatments all the pain was gone and I'm back to sleeping well. The brilliance of Chiropractic is its capacity to restore body balance and eliminate pain through external treatment of the nervous system. Dr. Knutson not only does this extremely well but she's very knowledgeable about body chemistry, nutritional concerns, and what supplements will substantially help the healing process. She's an excellent practitioner and a joy to work with!"

—Allen Austill, PhD

"I am an active athlete and play basketball with teenagers every day as part of my job. For the past five years, Dr. Knutson has consistently healed chronic ailments and sports related injuries that other medical specialists told me couldn't be repaired without surgery. Dr. Knutson's chiropractic techniques are designed to accurately identify and treat the root of the problem. From structural adjustments to allergies and sugar overdoses, Dr. Knutson will pinpoint the cause of pain and correct it. I always leave her office feeling refreshed and balanced. She is so good at understanding the body that I use her as if she were my primary care physician. And, because of her creative approach to therapy, her positive attitude, and the effectiveness of her methods, over the years we have built the type of trust that you can't find in American medicine today. She really is one of a kind in the Boston area Ė but I have even recommended her to friends who live out of state."

—Josh, Social Justice Activist

"A severe injury left me unable to work or even focus my eyes for almost a year. During that time, I went from doctor to doctor and took one test after another. Eventually the doctors concluded that there was nothing physically wrong with me and that I would need to be on pain medications and unable to work for the rest of my life. Lydia Knutson completely turned everything around. After one visit she had identified the underlying cause of all of my symptoms, and within three weeks she had restored my vision, alleviated all pain, and rendered me able to return to work. Thanks to Lydia I have my career, and more importantly, my whole life back."

—Suzanne, PhD


"I have to let you know excited I am at the improvements I've been noticing since we began treatment in January 2008! I still can't believe that after the first visit to you the pain I've had in my lower back for almost 20 years has completely disappeared! After seriously believing that I would need a walker by the time I turned 50, I now feel better than I did in my teens!

Your professionalism, thorough evaluation and informative explanations regarding the treatments, paired with friendly, often very quick visits, have been such a welcome change from the typical, sterile, 'medicate the patient' outlook taken by some traditional MD's and are much appreciated.

Since beginning treatment with you, my energy has increased, my body feels stronger and healthier and my yoga practice has been taken to whole new level. I never would have dreamed that when I came to you for what I thought was a pinched nerve in my neck, that the treatments would be so far reaching. I feel like a new person!

Although we still have a few treatments left, I look forward to feeling the final results. I can't thank you enough.

A very grateful (and almost painfree!) patient,"

—Lisa S, Malden


"After Dr. Lydia Knutson completely cured my husbandís persistent low back pain in just four weeks I decided to schedule an appointment for myself. I wanted help with my bad posture and painful foot problem, which I had been told for years were genetic and unsolvable except by surgery. Dr. Knutson's chiropractic therapy "reset" my body within weeks. All my foot pain was gone and I felt and stood straighter! I went back to see her after a terrible fall off a unicycle, straight onto my tailbone. "The pain will go away" - I thought, as we all do when something is not bad enough to call an ambulance. But I didnít get better: walking, bending and carrying anything was getting extremely uncomfortable day after day. I had never had problems with my low back! I came to Dr Lydia's office again. After five appointments within two weeks, I felt as if the accident had never happened. Treatments at the Lydian Center and their results are a source of physical and psychological strength and a real joy!"

—Natalia Bard, Cambridge


"I had tried nearly every approach to resolving my severe lower back pain including physical therapy, cortisone injections, acupuncture, cranio-sacral therapy, reiki, and various chiropractors. Some of these treatments gave me temporary pain relief, but nothing "fixed" the source of my pain until I began to see Dr. Lydia Knutson. I have now had five years largely pain free and when I do have an episode of pain she is able to correct it with a few treatments. I have such confidence in her ability to fix my back that I willingly drive two hours from my home in Western Massachusetts to see her.
Thanks for everything! "

—Nicolas Jones, carpenter

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